Manual Crimes, Victims and Witnesses: Apartheid in Palestine

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It also addressed the forcible transfer of Palestinian Bedouins, the failure of the Israeli Government to maintain public order and contain settler violence, and it offered an update on Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Syrian Golan.


The report called on Israel to cease the creation of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the occupied Syrian Golan, and to implement all relevant United Nations resolutions. It also provided an update on the ongoing efforts to build the capacity of Palestinian institutions; it addressed recommendations to the Israeli Government and the Government of the State of Palestine, as well as Palestinian armed groups in Gaza.

Taking the floor in an interactive dialogue, the observer of the State of Palestine said the reports attested to a systematic pattern of human rights violations by the occupying Power. The facts reported were alarming and consistent with recent reports by other mandate holders, all of which examined the situation of the human rights covenants and the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Palestinians had fulfilled their responsibilities and the international community must do so as well. Even 10 years after the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the wall, the Israelis had continued their colonization activities.

She sought further details from the Special Committee on the situation on the ground. The representative of Pakistan asked for details on the condition of the detained children and the impact on their lives. On another matter, the delegate of Egypt asked what follow-up measures were planned in view of the responses received from the companies listed in the report.

Then, the representative of Cuba , citing horrendous figures of death and destruction inflicted by Israel, asked about the urgent measures being taken by the Special Committee. The representative of Lesotho said, year after year, the Special Committee faced Israeli non-cooperation. He asked what should be done to make that country work with that body? Responding, Mr. Haniff said the expansion of settlements and the wall were at the root of the daily violations of human rights in the territories. Apart from violating the right to free movement, Israel also impeded the rights to work, education, health, and maintenance of an adequate standard of living.

On top of that, the wall infringed the Palestinian right to self-determination. The illegality of the barrier, the occupation and settlement construction were clear, he said, urging the international community to act to reverse them. On child prisoners, Mr. Haniff said they were particularly vulnerable, with access to parents, legal representation limited.

Many children did not understand Hebrew and were taken to detention centres in Israel, he said, citing examples of abuses and ill-treatment, which risked long-term physical and psychological damage. Regarding immediate steps, the Committee believed concerted international efforts were needed to pressure Israel to lift the blockade in an effort to improve the humanitarian situation in the occupied territories. The representative of Iran asked how long the investigation on the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip would take.

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Responding to a number of comments and questions, Mr. The timeline was to get back to the Council in March While began on a hopeful note, with the United States-brokered peace negotiations, Israel reverted to its colonial policies, destroying the fabric of Palestinian society. The carnage, trauma and terror inflicted on Gaza were the most shocking manifestation of the prevailing grave situation.

It was clear that gross human rights violations, amounting to war crimes, had been committed. Of the more than 2, Palestinian killed, the majority were civilians, including women and children.

Daily Noon Briefing

In addition, hospitals and medical facilities, including United Nations facilities, water and waste networks were damaged. Ten percent of the thousands of munitions launched by Israel at Gaza remained scattered in civilian areas. Daily violent operations continued to be carried out by Israel, with more than 6, Palestinians held in Israeli prisons and detention centres.

The effects of the blockade were wide-ranging and devastating. Extraordinary efforts would be required to heal the wounds and rebuild lives. Beyond human and physical rehabilitation, justice was needed for any reconciliation between Palestine and Israelis. In the West Bank, the picture was equally grim. Casualties continued owing to daily Israeli raids, including in East Jerusalem. The occupying forces continued to use human shields as they inflicted a nightmare on Palestinians.

In occupied East Jerusalem, Israel continued its illegal and destructive attempts to alter its demographic composition, character, status and identity to negate the Palestinian rights, presence in and connection to the city.

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The situation had dramatically escalated in recent days, she said, calling for immediate attention and action by the international community. The international community must shoulder its responsibility at that critical junction to salvage the small prospects that remained to make that a reality. The group was seriously concerned about the findings of the latest report of the Special Committee, particularly in regard to the situation of Palestinian prisoners and detainees, as well as the vastly detrimental impact of the illegal Israeli settlement campaign throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

He called for urgent action and practical measures by the international community, in particular, the Security Council, to compel the occupying Power to completely cease its illegal and destructive settlement campaign in the Occupied Territory, and abide by all of its obligations under international law. Turning to the Syrian Golan, he reaffirmed that all unlawful actions by Israel since constituted a clear violation of international law, the United Nations Charter and relevant resolutions, including Security Council resolution , and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

In that regard, the Movement demanded that Israel abide by resolution and withdraw completely from the occupied Syrian Golan to the 4 June border. Motions that pass at the GA need to be ratified online before they can be put into effect. On February 27 results of the online ratification process were announced with 2, votes 57 per cent against the ratification and 2, votes 43 per cent in favour effectively nullifying the motion. Mark your calendars! Check back for updates and more details. Inspired by the ongoing popular resistance across historic Palestine and the intersections being made globally between various struggles with Palestine, we hope to make Israeli Apartheid Week a powerful contribution to the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.

Students at McGill University are currently undergoing a similar campaign and challenges, so we are very fortunate to have two speakers from Montreal joining us to share their reflections on the campaign and the film. The public debates on the resolution and the senate votes marked a significant advance in the acceptance of boycott, divestment and sanctions as effective tools for ending the occupation and blockade. Land Day is a commemorationof this resistance to settler colonialism. In thelast year, Israeli soldiers have killed at least Palestinians and injured more than We pay tribute to the ongoing struggle of Palestinians and support the demands of the Great Return March: Lift the siege of Gaza and implement the Right of Return.

The JNF, an organization that actively practices discrimination in land policies, has charitable status in Canada. Tues 19 Mar pm — Dr.

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Thurs 21 Mar pm — Dr. Integrated cities were forcibly segregated, and nonwhites were deported to outlying areas. Interracial marriages and extramarital relations, were criminalized. Freedom of the press, speech, and association was also severely restricted. Seeking Mandela , Temple University Press at pp. In contrast, Israel is in no way comparable to apartheid South Africa. There is no rule of a racial minority over another racial majority. The Israeli Jewish population comprises peoples from many nationalities and ethnicities.

Equal protection is guaranteed by law. The Israel Lands Administration, H. The Minister of the Interior. Arabs serve as judges in the Israeli court system, including an Arab member of the Israeli Supreme Court. Arabs serve as high-ranking officers in the Israeli army, and as government ministers , ambassadors, and civil service workers. Arabs are integrated into all aspects of Israeli society. There is no law requiring discrimination as there was in South Africa. Despite their deliberate rejection of Israeli citizenship on political grounds, East Jerusalem Palestinians are considered permanent residents who can vote in municipal elections, receive full health and social benefits, gain employment in civil service, enroll in Israeli universities, purchase property and travel freely throughout Israel.

Many East Jerusalem Palestinians are now applying for Israeli citizenship. In the West Bank, Palestinians are under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority as per a series of negotiated agreements between the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Israeli government the Oslo Accords. The Palestinians Authority has its own government, parliament, ministries, diplomatic representatives, social services, courts, police force, etc.

Political and Cultural History

No Israeli-Arab citizens were forced to become residents or citizens of the Palestinian Authority; indeed, in the wake of the Oslo Accords, large numbers of Palestinian residents of the West Bank moved to Israel, many assuming Israeli citizenship. And unlike the Bantu policy, the Oslo Accords were internationally endorsed. Under the Oslo Accords , and as agreed to by the Palestinian leadership, Israel retains certain powers in the West Bank, primarily overarching security control and territorial jurisdiction over areas without significant Palestinian population.

Notably, Palestinians also have the ability to challenge Israeli policies directly to the Israeli Supreme Court without any standing or other justiciability limitations. In Gaza, Israel lacks even the limited set of powers preserved for it in the West Bank. After an Israeli withdrawal in and a takeover by the Hamas terrorist organization in , the Palestinian population of Gaza is solely governed by Hamas with the financial assistance of the West Bank Palestinian Authority. Since the withdrawal, Israel lacks even a physical presence within Gaza.

There is no accepted definition of apartheid in international law. While there are several treaty definitions, they are controversial, and do not legally bind Israel which is not a state party to those treaties. Moreover, while South African apartheid was widely viewed as illegal under international law, in no other case has a country ever been found by any tribunal applying international law to have been engaged in apartheid.

Nelson Mandela's grandson slams 'Israeli apartheid'

The customary law of apartheid—the only law that can bind Israel aside from the specific treaties to which it is part—is based on international practice regarding apartheid. Racial discrimination is, of course, morally abhorrent, but it is common knowledge that there are few if any human societies that can rightly claim to be completely free of this scourge. The mere presence within a society of racists or even acts of racial discrimination does not, of itself, establish that a state is engaging in apartheid. Indeed, if such acts rendered a state apartheid, every country in the world would be so labeled.

Likewise, it is clear that the mere drawing of distinctions between citizens and non-citizens, or offering preferences in immigration to some groups, or accommodating cultural differences by law, do not rise to the level of apartheid without again making every country in the world an apartheid state.

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Indeed, since the only internationally recognized case of apartheid was in South Africa, the customary law of apartheid is based on those practices that were unique to South Africa under its apartheid regime. Since Israel does not share these practices, it cannot be defined as an apartheid state under international law. States Parties particularly condemn racial segregation and apartheid and undertake to prevent, prohibit and eradicate all practices of this nature in territories under their jurisdiction.

Importantly, Article 1. Article 1. In the s, the Soviet Union, backed by the Islamic bloc and the non-aligned movement, drafted the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. This instrument attempted to define apartheid so broadly as to apply to all Western states:. As a result of the politicization of this treaty as a Cold War tactic by the Soviet Union, no Western governments have become a party to it. Incidentally, there have been no prosecutions for apartheid before the International Criminal Court, notwithstanding a number of prosecutions of crimes against humanity in Darfur.

Many of the NGOs invoking apartheid rhetoric also receive substantial funding from the New Israel Fund examples below. It is a historically inaccurate and inflammatory term that serves only to demonize Israel and alienate a majority of Jews around the world, including those who care deeply about issues of democracy, human rights, social justice and peace.