Manual Casting the Circle: A Womans Book of Ritual

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Walk around once, saying:. As you go, envision yourself laying a circle of energy in a trail. Envision that trail expanding and growing into a sphere—or a bubble—of energy that engulfs the entire ritual area. It can go right through the floor, cut through walls and ceilings and furniture if need be. Stand before your altar once more. Put up your hands and invoke Goddess, using the invocation you desire, or this one:. Once your ritual observances, celebrations, and any workings are done, place the cup of ritual drink on the center of the altar or on the pentacle. Draw the sign of the pentacle over it in the air.

Then hold your hands together over the cup, saying:. Pour out some drink into the libation dish, then take a sip yourself. If others are present, pass the cup around with the wish:. Put some of the cakes into the libation dish. Take a bite. If others are present, pass the cakes around with the wish:. Sit and partake of the simple feast.

Relax and enjoy, bask in the positive energy of the ritual and the presence of your Gods as long as you wish. Start in the West this time, and go counter-clockwise. Hold up your hands wand, athame, etc. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. What happens if I don't close the circle properly?

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Will I set demons free and cause bad things to happen? Will the circle still be there, even though I took away all objects of elements? I'm a tad worried completely terrified because I didn't close the circle properly; I started at East again instead of West. I'm a tad worried because I didn't close the circle properly; I started at East again instead of West. Blessed Be. Hello I have a problem with hoststyle drug addict but they are trying cowrads and dead father's blameing my brother as if we ask check on our lives but one thing is for why should innocent of his gang die or be accuse for suffering over them addict I'm live proof that the candle lady shouldn't of betrayed pbut her daughter big Mole on forehead.

That is so useful! As a newbie witch, I really needed that. I used to make my rituals diffrent every time and you really helped me! Sage, you are one of the few witches in the net I really trust! Thank you for everything you teached me! Blessed be.

Part 1: Ritual Circle Set-Up

I have had my altar set for a while now. I use stick insence. I have candles set for my dieties and the 4 directions except for my animal spirit guide for which I have a statuette for that. Just this morning as I started my morning prayer and meditation I noticed that the insence smoke went up about 6 inches and it split perfectly in half , one part going to the goddess candle and one part going to the god candle. Going directly to them.

This lasted till the insence was nearly gone. I am new and learning. When I read thru this post something changed and clicked within me. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience. Now a question please. My altar is too much to move , my space is too small to cast a circle. Can the contents be moved to a larger space like the garage for the circle casting and observing and performing rituals without cleansing and rededicating? I have cleansed and dedicated the space and altar in its place now.

I have read through this ritual and find some rather remarkable errors first North is the element of Earth, second East is the element of Air , and one calls from the East first works way around to North. When releasing the quarters you start with North and go back to East Please fix these mistakes and for those who want to truly learn get more than one source of what how when where for doing this properly.

I'm not a Wiccan but I am still starting my witchcraft practice. Is it still necessary to do this or is it helpful to incorporate something like it in non-wiccan witchcraft? Are there any spells or rituals that don't use any materials I could use to just sort of practice and get in tune with Magick?? I just don't have the money for supplies right now. I would simply like to thank you both for the ritual guidelines here, I believe I may be doing yours verbatim as it has a very celtic feel to me and that's sort of what I want out of all of this.

My mother has told me my whole life that she practices witchcraft and magik and such and I've never believed it but I'm planning on using this ritual as well as a luck spell in the middle to sort of test and see if my mind will be changed as I've always had such bad luck some people have literally begun to avoid me because they've noticed the bad luck spreading to them. And I would also like to thank you for how mature and open you are about things. Reading over these comments here it is very apparent to me that you've grown into a rather respectable human being and are quite mature for our society today.

And finally I would just like to double check and see if this would function properly as a catalyst for any rituals. Do you think that's going to adversely affect the outcome of the ritual? No, the Gods don't get mad if your pentacle isn't perfect, it's just a gesture with meaning, you're projecting your intent.

In my experience, Gods don't get mad if you goof up. I've been at rituals where people skipped a section and had to go back. There's been a slip of the tongue and said something wrong. I've been to rituals where the candles have been blown out, the juice knocked over, etc. The Gods aren't standing there judging us, ready to smite us for mistakes, lol. They understand that we are honoring them, we're human and make mistakes, they over look it like any other guest would.

It's best to just laugh such 'oops' moments off and go on in the spirit of reverence. What do you mean by "draw a pentagram over item " and what if i get something wrong? Will the gods be mad? Thanks so much Prysmatyk, glad to have been of help. That's why I believe, in many cases, doing things in a way that is right for you is crucial because you need it to make sense to your own subconscious in order to gain that access. Thank you for sharing your basic ritual with all. It is very nice to see that your guidance is only a recommendation instead of scripture.

So many times, I've come across those who say, "this is the way it has to be", when truly it does come from what we believe and feel works best for ourselves. Yes, there are certain aspects of magic which are written that cannot be altered, such as the energies, but unless the caster is comfortable with their own ritual, it is surely going to diminish the spells effectiveness and cost much more energy to receive the desired outcome. Your site is truly a plethora of sound knowledge and wisdom and portrays your skill with the art.

Casting the Circle: A Woman's Book of Ritual (Paperback)

I am grateful to have found you and more-so that I am able to incorporate your knowledge into my world and workings. I believe that I opened a gate tears ago. I had three hooded figures at the foot of my bed. I believe they are still around and making me pay. I used the Necronomicon book and it was bad. I believe the gate is still open and I need to close it. I called Beelzebub. Please help! Hi Ashley; Think of it as a concert or something. The ritual is the 'whole show' from beginning to end. Feminist ritual provides support to women who feel the A Case Study: A "Naming, Transforming, and effects of patriarchy in their lives, gives value and legiti- Cleansing" Ritual macy to women's experiences by providing new ways of understanding personal problems as women's problems, A group of university students planned a feminist ritual and helps women to develop and recognize the power to mark Women's History Month and the international women have to change their lives Neu The students first Ritual Functions in Conflict showed a group of students a film that described how women are portrayed in music videos.

The film argued Rituals can be constructive or destructive for humanity. Adolph Hitler used able to all men at any time and women fight other women rituals to stir his country to kill their neighbours and to for the privilege of being with men. The power of ritual can, however, also After the film, several students led the group in a three- be tapped to build peace. In the first stage of theology, psychology, anthropology, and political science the ritual, the ritual facilitators set the tone for the ritual document the many functions of ritual, particularly in and announced the ritual space.

The student leaders asked communities experiencing conflict.

‘Honoring Our Monthly Moons’: Some Menstruation Rituals Give Indigenous Women Hope

Ritual can be defined participants mostly women to "name the sickness, the as a symbolic form of communication that takes place in disease, the hurt, thewhatever that this caused you to feel. This definition has several elements down their negative thoughts and reactions. The ritual women use the term "casting a circle" to signify the leaders announced that participants had entered a space creation of a ritual space.

Elements of the material world, for ridding and transforming the negative thoughts into such as fire, earth, water, flowers, and foods are often used something positive.

Casting the Circle: A Woman's Book of Ritual eBook by Diane Stein Kobo Edition | osysexyrahun.gq

The leaders invited participants to as physical symbols of beauty and power to create a focal put the papers into the fire and share with the group, if point in the centre of the circle. These "altars" contribute they desired, what they were transforming. At the very least, women often papers to the fire, they shared their "naming" messages bring candles and scarves to transform someone's living with the group. Feminist ritual space is a "patriar- One of the messages I've internal- chy-free" zone.

Starhawk notes "ritual ized from this culture's image of me can become a free space, a hole torn in as awoman is that femininity means WOmenls ways of the fabric of domination" In being forever a hopeless victim and feminist ritual, women find a place to I want to transform that into a value the stories, experiences, and femininity of power, wisdom, and COmmU nicat ing, a t l d changes in their lives. In order to do strength. Diane Stein 2. Creating a women-oriented envi- The leaders offered bowls and pitchers ofwater to partici- ronment allows women to share stories and break the pants to wash their hands andlor drinkwater as a symbolic solitude of living in a world where their voices are often act of cleansing themselves from the negative messages not heard.

While patriarchal values and experience prevail portrayed in the film. The next section explores the ways feminist ritual functions and uses this example as Learning and Communicating through Ritual a case study for analysis. In the "Naming, Transforming and Cleansing" case Ritual Space for Women's Empowerment study participants learned and communicated through their bodies, senses, and emotions.

People were encour- In this example of feminist ritual, the facilitators ver- aged to first write down their emotional responses to the bally announced that the place where people stood had video as an act of personal reflection. Then the partici- become a special area, set apart from the video watching pants engaged in the social act of burning the reflections and the normal space of everyday life. In each of the three as a way of transforming negative feelings.

At the end, stages of the ritual, they had symbols that marked the people washed their hands and drank water together as a space as separate. In the "naming" space, there were way of symbolizing that they were collectively purified candles. In the "transforming" space, there was alarger fire from the damaging images shown before in the video.

In the "cleansing" space, there Women's ways of knowing, feeling, communicating, were altars with water, flowers, and candles.

New Moon Ritual – New Life

Feminist ritual provides a unique example of the In feminist rituals, learning and communication happen ways in which ritual space separates people from normal through words, symbols, the use of the five senses, expres- social structures, time, and space by using the form of a sion ofemotion, and physical action. Writer and women's circle and a variety of types of altars and symbols.

She funeral service where she buried a childhood dress, repre- charges women to awaken the pre-verbal "slothwoman" senting her childhood of abuse. She declared herself a in all of us as we use elements in ritual to arouse all of our "survivor" of abuse in the ritual, and celebrated this new senses and engage our whole selves Budapest identity with her friends. Feminist rituals are also used to suggests that smells, sounds, movements, and symbols mark and give value to important stages in women's lives, that are pleasing to the eye and touch create awareness and such as the beginning of menstruation, a pregnancy, a new learning in humans in ways that words alone cannot.

While transformation in women's ritual is centred at AfKrmation and Transformation in Women's Ritual the individual level, women are often inspired with their new-found sense of empowerment to change the world The ritual case study shared earlier allowed people to around them. Stein describes feminist ritual as a "training feel united with others who had experienced the video ground to end the patriarchy and to learn to work to- images. It affirmed their relationships with each other as gether" 7.

The group also sought to transform the prevailing patriarchal social order that gave birth to media Power-within grows exponentially and women to- violence against women. Feminist rituals provide an op- gether set about to right the wrongs of modern portunity for women to both affirm and transform rela- civilization.. A group of five such like-minded tionships. Peace-building requires collective efforts. When Stein 3 people join together, they are able to empower each other and address the roots of the conflict before them.

Feminist ritual is not designed as a temporary cathartic Tom Driver describes the transformation of identity re-lease of the pressures of patriarchy. I have been working with herbs for over 35 years, so you could say it took that long to write it. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. For most people, the hardest part of lasting weight loss is either getting started or For most people, the hardest part of lasting weight loss is either getting started or reaching their goals-too often, motivation is tough to maintain or those final few pounds simply won't budge, no matter how many hours are logged on View Product.

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To heal oneself means to heal the world. With this starkly simple statement, Diane Stein With this starkly simple statement, Diane Stein draws upon the great mystical traditions, including Kundalini yoga, Wicca, Taoism, and more.